Sophos migrates to Eloqua, global implementation 100% on time and budget

A critical challenge for us was accessing all Eloqua data tables for export to our data warehouse to conduct analysis and reporting – not just Contact, Account and Campaign tables, but ALL activity data. Sojourn helped us setup and launch Data Assistant for our Eloqua Production and Sandbox orgs, in support of our live programs and regression testing. It’s worked very well and Sojourn has been a great partner.

Digby Knight, IT Application Manager


Simply put, the business had outgrown Adobe Campaign. The Marketing Operations team was so focused on the day-to-day in an increasingly cumbersome system, they had little time to innovate – thus, challenges were increasing across the board, including:

  • Poor data quality and completeness
  • “We’ve always done it this way” processes and programs, from Lead Scoring to Renewal Nurturing
  • Poor visibility into email performance
  • Lack of alignment with the Sales Operations team


Data Readiness

  • Identified critical data management needs from various input sources
  • Built multiple data transformation programs for optimal cleansing, matching, segmentation and reporting

Renewal Nurturing Programs

  • Implemented complex set of requirements for both Customer and Partner renewal nurturing programs
  • Supported build of new Salesforce custom object to aggregate key data sets, optimizing content usage
  • Significant improvements to existing renewal nurturing processes

Migrations and Integrations

  • Adobe Campaign to Eloqua migration
  • Salesforce/Eloqua bi-directional integration, including use of Eloqua Custom Data Objects to support advanced segmentation needs
  • Sophos Data Warehouse/Eloqua integration via Sojourn’s Data Assistant App to support Tableau-driven reporting


  • 15% increase in email deliverability scores
  • More results still coming in - stay tuned!


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