Progress measures 35% increase in marketing influence on revenue

The Sojourn team is beyond doubt the best in the business. Many have been working in marketing operations and automation for years and our team was constructed so that we ALWAYS have a senior consultant working on our business and an experienced delivery manager. They are always passionate about the project and work hand-in-hand with our team – giving us that much-needed resource expansion.

Jenn Ortiz, Vice President Corporate Marketing 



The Progress team had multiple systems and scattered processes as a result of various acquisitions of companies but team still responsible for corporate growth goals.

  • Poor data quality and completeness
  • New teams and processes to implement
  • Old Eloqua processes and programs still in place
  • Lack of Eloqua resources internally



  • Standardization
  • Identified new data requirements
  • Updated data standardization program

Lead Management

  • Workshop series with 2 new Marketing teams
  • 2 New lead scoring processes
  • Improvements to existing lead scoring and hand-off process

Migrations and Integrations

  • Marketo to Eloqua migration (Telerik acquisition)
  • Eloqua to Eloqua migration (Bravepoint acquisition)
  • In-house CRM API integration with Eloqua
  • Eloqua9 to Eloqua10 migration


  • 35% increase in opportunities sourced by Marketing
  • Average deal size increased by 20% (year-over-year)
  • Significant decrease in the length of a sales system by about 50%
  • Cost savings of $252,000 annually attributed to systems and Marketing teams consolidations
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