Tip: Use copy/paste to save time on your Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas

February 22, 2023 Kristin Connell

You know how sometimes you attend a User Group meeting and it's like, mmm, okay? Well, our February Oracle Eloqua User Group meeting wasn't like that at all - it was more like OKAAAY! Let me tell you why...

First, a brief promo - our Eloqua User Group is open to the Eloqua community and anyone interested in learning more. We spotlight one or two featured speakers each month, mixing it up from Oracle, an app partner, a Sojourn Eloqua expert, an Eloqua customer - you get the picture.

In our February meeting, one of our two featured presenters was Sojourn’s Kelly Newton. Kelly's an Eloqueen (IYKYK), and shared a time-saving tip about using copy/paste functionality on Oracle Eloqua's Campaign Canvas. Y'all - the Q&A section lit up with all kinds of very relevant questions and tips from attendees - so much that we decided to share highlights with the community via this post.  

Kelly's Tip: Use copy/paste to save time on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas when you're building similar steps and/or flows, especially complex flows. What? How? Here's what you do...

  • Campaign Step Flow - Place your cursor on the canvas near the flow you want to copy, then select and drag your cursor to outline the flow. Next, right click to copy (or use your keyboard shortcut) and then paste (using your cursor or keyboard shortcut). Voila!
  • Campaign Step - click on a step and either right click, or use your keyboard shortcuts, to copy/paste

BONUS tip from an attendee: You can copy/paste from one campaign canvas to a second campaign canvas, as long as the second campaign canvas is loaded in the same tab. 

See Kelly's "Two Minute Tip" video to see all this in action!

To conclude, using copy/paste on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas allows you to quickly duplicate elements and ensure that your campaign is consistent and efficient. 

Next up? We've got highlights from the very active Q&A:  

Question 1: If you copy/paste a Segment and update the pasted Segment in the same Campaign, does a single contact that exists in both Segments get both emails?

Answer 1: No - if a contact exists in both Segments, they will only enter the Campaign once and exist in only one of the flows.

Question 2: If you had all of the settings specified (in a Canvas or in an individual Step), will those all copy as well? 

Answer 2: Yes, in both cases. 

Question 3: Can you use the same email twice in the same canvas? I don't think so, but just making sure.

Answer 3: I wasn’t sure, but I tested it and yes - yes, you can. I’m not clear on the use case for this,  but Campaign Canvas does support it. 

Question 4: Would there be an issue if you have two segments with separate emails on the same canvas? Some of our users are thinking of doing this as they find it more convenient than setting up two separate canvases.

Answer 4: No, this is actually ideal as long as it meets your overall goals and objectives - one consideration here might be reporting, ie, what are those requirements and will they be met if the two segments and two emails are included in the same campaign. 

Question 5: If we copy/paste to create two segments and two emails, how would we manage our seedlist, since the contacts can only be in the campaign once?

Answer 5: This can be done several ways - one is to create a full flow for a seedlist segment only, sending the first email (then pause for feedback as needed), and then the second email. 

Question 6: There is a setting in the campaign settings that allows someone to enter the campaign more than once - that doesn’t allow them to be in both paths? 

Answer 6:  No, this setting requires that a contact exits the campaign before they can re-enter - an example here would be a multi-

To wrap, one attendee provided this BONUS tip: "Since we started using Eloqua, I knew we could use .1 hour in the wait steps, the equivalent of 6 minutes, but I didn't realize until recently that you can use .01 hours (3.6 seconds). We use the wait steps to understand better where people are exiting our programs/campaigns." 

We hope you find these Eloqua time-savings tips helpful! For more tips and other learnings, register for our March Eloqua User Group now. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications on new "Two Minutes Tips" now.

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