Sojourn Solutions partners with Oracle Marketing Cloud to deliver data-powered, AI-enabled customer insight

September 15, 2020 Sojourn Solutions


Sojourn Solutions has been helping Oracle Eloqua customers on their marketing automation journeys since 2005. We’ve empowered hundreds of client companies to overcome challenges around accessing and leveraging their customer data, enabling them to achieve improved B2B marketing results that have impacted both their marketing ROI and their top-line revenues.

B2B marketers confront perennial challenges around accessing and leveraging customer data. They need solutions that enable them to: (1) collect data related to customers’ interests and then use that data in real-time to convert buying signals into revenues; (2) fill in missing data for key segmentation criteria and automate keeping data current, so they can target and score customers and accounts appropriately; and (3) automate nurturing processes to provide timely, useful content to customers wherever they are in their buying journey.

“We’re committed to our longstanding relationship with Oracle Marketing Cloud and ensuring that our teams work in concert to deliver the best outcomes for our B2B marketing clients,” says Dan Vawter, Managing Partner at Sojourn Solutions. “That’s why we’re especially happy to partner again with OMC to offer ROI-driving data and AI capabilities through DataFox and Infinity.”

Synergy: 1 + 1 + 1 > 3

Here’s how OMC’s DataFox and Infinity, working in combination with Oracle Eloqua, add synergistic value for our customers:

DataFox: Oracle’s solution for providing B2B marketers, especially those who use account-based marketing (ABM), with AI-driven and human-verified account data, account scoring, account prioritization, and real-time email alerts of account signals and news, such as when a company buys another company, announces an earnings report, or makes public a shift in strategic direction.

As Vawter explains: “DataFox allows Sales and Marketing teams to save significant time on research and have a single source of data about their accounts, helping drive alignment.” DataFox helps enrich contact data, as well as helping marketers segment, score, prioritize and route leads based on real-time account data, all especially useful within an ABM approach.

Infinity: Oracle’s solution for tracking leads/individual customers across multiple digital channels (i.e., websites, mobile, etc.) along their buying journey. Infinity offers real-time data streaming and analytics that securely collects, processes and delivers actionable customer intelligence, which can be shared with and used within Eloqua and CRMs.

As Vawter explains: “Infinity provides B2B marketers with real-time content engagement data that we can use to ensure we’re creating the best possible experiences for our customers.”

Eloqua: Oracle’s marketing automation platform that orchestrates your customer communications via multiple channels and also enables Sales by sharing Marketing tracked activities. Eloqua helps with customer targeting based on online behavior and profile data, helps Sales with scoring” and also automates the sending of targeted content. Perhaps most importantly, Eloqua measures B2B marketing performance to optimize marketing tactics and strategy.

Benefits of OMC’s “3-in-1” combo

Each of the Oracle tools offers unique, specific functions and benefits for B2B marketers, but they work best in combination to unlock synergistic value. DataFox, for instance, allows account-based marketers to segment and score company-level accounts with real-time company data. With this real-time data, Marketing and Sales teams can respond to “real-time signals” and then prioritize outreach at the right times with the right, most relevant messaging. DataFox also keeps account data in Eloqua enriched and up-to-date.

Infinity works on the individual level, letting marketers know (again, in real-time) what a specific person, maybe a decision-maker within a particular B2B account, might be interested in at any time based on their online behavior/signals. Accounts are obviously multidimensional — what impacts the company might impact individuals within the company in different ways. Savvy, effective B2B marketers need to tailor their messaging both at the account level and to different individuals within an account. DataFox and Infinity, working in tandem, enable B2B marketers to do exactly that, helping with segmentation and scoring too.

Eloqua comes to the fore on the execution side, automating personalized communication in real-time, saving marketers hours of research (at the account and individual level) and allowing targeted, relevant messaging to happen in a timely manner via the contact’s and/or account’s preferred channels. Once DataFox and Infinity have provided the actionable intelligence marketers need, Eloqua enables the action (i.e., messaging) to happen quickly and conveniently through its MAP automation.

“These 3 OMC tools work seamlessly together to improve marketing effectiveness and ROI,” says Vawter, “by helping marketers know their customers better and enabling them to build better customer experiences. Actionable customer and account insight drives messaging that’s relevant and converts engagement into revenues.”

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