Sojourn Solutions announces strategic partnership with Rainmaker Associates to drive data-enabled customer centricity

April 20, 2020 Sojourn Solutions

(PR WEB) APRIL 20, 2020

Sojourn Solutions, a world-class marketing operations consultancy specializing in marketing automation solutions, is partnering with Rainmaker, which delivers transformative Salesforce-based solutions, to help its clients drive improved customer and employee experiences that deliver measurable business results.

Emily Bennett, Managing Partner at Sojourn Solutions, explains the synergies: “Our partnership with Rainmaker offers clients a more comprehensive package of tools and services to drive improved customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. This partnership allows Sojourn Solutions to cover the entire customer experience by extending our consultative approach, one our clients know so well, to the Salesforce platform through Rainmaker.”

John Rago, President of Rainmaker Associates, explains the synergies: “This new partnership creates real value for our customers. The CRM excellence that Rainmaker provides and the marketing strategy and execution excellence that Sojourn offers are very different competencies, but combining both generates massive value, enabling customer-centricity across business organizations.”

Partnering to Deliver Seamless Customer Engagement

It’s no secret that traditional CRM systems have been maturing into complex systems of engagement that manage the relationships with customers at all points of the engagement lifecycle at scale. CRM and marketing automation platforms have been converging, and the new partnership between Sojourn and Rainmaker reflects that convergence. Today’s customers expect a seamless experience across channels, and every customer touch point matters in creating those experiences.

The capability to access and leverage customer data for optimizing engagement across channels has never been more front-and-center for marketing effectiveness, especially now as more customers and marketers move to digital channels (and away from traditional, physical channels like bricks-and-mortar retail and live events) during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

As Rebecca Le Grange, Managing Partner at Sojourn Solutions, explains, “working with Rainmaker on behalf of our clients will allow us to optimize results and drive peak performance across sales and service teams, not just within the marketing departments.”

Reach out to us here to find out more about how our enhanced CRM and marketing automation capabilities can help drive better customer and employee experiences and drive revenue for your organization.

About Sojourn Solutions
Sojourn Solutions helps marketing leaders challenged by the need to have a bigger impact on revenue. Sojourn Solutions’ team of experienced consultants create impactful strategies, optimize marketing operations, simplify marketing technology and execute on day-to-day campaigns. Sojourn Solutions has assisted global marketing leaders in exceeding their goals, and achieving peak performance results. To learn more about Solutions Solutions, visit

About Rainmaker Associates
Rainmaker, a leader in cloud technology enablement, helps companies accelerate growth, overcome critical business challenges and achieve success by leveraging cloud platforms and solutions. Rainmaker has partnered with thousands of commercial enterprises and non-profits to rapidly transform their businesses, utilizing platforms such as, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps and countless SaaS solution providers.

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