How Oracle DataFox + Eloqua fuels better account management with rich, contextual data

December 10, 2020 Kristin Connell

By Chuck Leddy

Data is the fuel that drives the engine of B2B marketing, enabling personalization, accurate targeting and segmentation, and much more. The “problem” with most customer data is that it’s either too raw — it simply doesn’t provide insight to fuel action — or it’s made available too late to act upon (i.e.,  it’s stale). B2B marketers, as a general rule, simply don’t have enough time to collect all customer data, sift through all the noise to identify the signals (i.e., the actionable insights that inform decision-making), and then leverage that relevant data for personalized, effective customer engagement.

Oracle DataFox is changing all that by providing an account intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to collect signals from companies in real-time, funneling those signals into your Eloqua marketing automation platform. DataFox empowers marketers to act upon timely, relevant account data and engage with their accounts across channels using Eloqua.

The “signals” collected and shared by DataFox might be related to a company’s financials, announcements about upcoming events, ramped up hiring (or a hiring freeze), and other important news about each account. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how valuable this real-time data collection capability can be, especially for account-based marketing: in fact, 92% of B2B marketers say better data and research is key to success. “Duh,” which Merriam Webster defines as indicating “that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident.”

What DataFox + Eloqua enables

During a recent virtual Eloqua User Group meeting hosted by Sojourn Solution’s Karin “KP” Pindle, Erin Turner of Oracle’s DataFox team explained exactly how DataFox, working in tandem with Eloqua, can fuel more personalized B2B marketing while unlocking revenues and ROI. Turner, who is Enterprise Sales App Manager at Oracle, noted that “DataFox continually enriches account-based data in Eloqua in real-time, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions” that are informed by the latest news and data about any account. Messaging can be informed by what’s happening at the company/account-level, which makes account-level engagement more empathetic and up-to-date.

How does DataFox’s funneling of real-time account data into Eloqua make for synergistic benefits (i.e., making 1 + 1 more than 2)? As Turner explains it, “DataFox extends Eloqua’s capabilities in several important ways,” such as:

  1. Advanced targeting and segmentation;
  2. Adaptive campaign management;
  3. Accurate lead management and scoring;
  4. Flexible data management; and
  5. Sales and marketing alignment.

DataFox enables B2B marketers to create compelling ABM experiences fueled by real-time account data. Marketers can respond quickly to signals from the market that impact their accounts (like a product launch or financial news), taking advantage of opportunities to engage accounts and drive revenues as those opportunities arise. Scoring and segmentation, enriched by real-time data, can be equally dynamic.

Instead of relying only on the existing and more static account data in Eloqua, DataFox enables more accurate scoring and targeting. Moreover, DataFox helps drive alignment between Sales and Marketing by offering both teams a shared account score, giving them the latest news and data about the accounts they’re working on, while improving MQL quality.

DataFox + Eloqua for personalization

While Eloqua or your CRM may have solid demographic and firmographic data (location, email addresses, titles, industry, number of employees, etc.) about your customers and accounts, data you can use to fuel segmentation, targeting, and personalization efforts, this demographic/firmographic data tends to be static, which creates obvious problems in a business world of accelerating change. With more contextual and timely account data getting pulled in from DataFox, like news about company layoffs, a hiring spree, the launch of an important product, or a merger (for example), you can dynamically enrich your account data in Eloqua with real-time content from DataFox.

With this real-time contextual data, you can then drive more personalized and relevant content to your accounts, which helps you drive stronger engagement and revenues. As Turner put it, “DataFox is basically a data aggregation engine driven by AI that’s constantly pulling in both firmographic data and signals data to give marketers actionable account insights they can act upon immediately.” Marketers don’t have to worry about getting caught flat-footed by big news impacting an account — DataFox pulls in and shares this news as soon as it happens, preventing embarrassment and allowing marketers to reach out with timely, relevant account messaging that shows empathy and understanding of the account’s context.

Results of the DataFox + Eloqua synergy

Turner concluded her presentation by showing a few B2B companies who have used DataFox and driven impressive results by leveraging its real-time account intelligence capabilities:

  • 22% increase in average deal size for martech vendor Iterable.
  • 1,500 more new targets per week for communication software company Twilio.
  • 43% more meetings booked for marketing company Sigstr.
  • 55% increase in revenue sourced from high-scoring accounts for software company Talkdesk.
  • 75% less time spent on data wrangling for global consultants Deloitte.

Right before Turner signed off, Sojourn’s Pindle added that “the DataFox and Eloqua integration is super quick and easy to implement — it took me less than an hour — and the data enrichment DataFox provides really helps marketers with personalization and customer empathy.” As Pindle put it, “that empathy and knowing your customer is what marketing has always been aiming for.”

At Sojourn, we’ve been helping Oracle Eloqua customers with their marketing automation journeys since 2005. To better serve our customers, we’ve expanded our longstanding partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud to deliver data-powered, AI-enabled customer insight. For more information about DataFox and using it in tandem with Eloqua to improve your account-based marketing, reach out to us here.

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