What B2B marketers want to know – dashboards, data and demand

October 4, 2017 sojournadmin

By Kristin Connell

As B2B marketers, we’re all on some form or fashion of a journey – from as wide as more measurable marketing performance to as narrow as more marketing qualified leads in Texas with the title of “VP of Marketing.” My team at Sojourn Solutions and I consider ourselves guides – guides that help our customers succeed on these journeys.

Over the past several months, we’ve heard all sorts of questions about dashboards, data and demand – questions needing direction, such as “What KPIs are best suited for my CMO dashboard?” or “How can we better leverage the data that we capture to drive more net new logos?” or even “What do we need to do to transform to a truly data-driven marketing strategy?”

While we’ve addressed the questions posed to us directly, we’re sure there are many other B2B marketers with similar questions. And while we certainly enjoy speaking to these topics, we decided that spotlighting thought leadership posts from across the industry would be a unique way to share more with our audiences. Let’s get started!

Five Tips for Building a Better CMO Dashboard
September 2017 | By Marcia Trask at SiriusDecisions

It’s September, and annual planning season is upon us again. CMOs are looking ahead to determine their course for the coming year – and looking back to see how well marketing performed this year. Having accurate insight into the contributions marketing made against company objectives is a vital element of the planning process. In fact, data from the 2017 CMO Study showed that improving performance measurement is one of the top five internal processes that CMOs plan to add or enhance during the next two years. When new plans are taking shape, it is the perfect time to ensure that dashboards are aligned to marketing priorities. Read more

Utilize Data to Accurately Measure Customer Values & Make the Right Moves
September 2017 | By Peter Armaly at Oracle Marketing Cloud

Marketers collect data for a variety of variables, attempting to understand their customers. Data about revenue, industry, wallet, interests, adoption, the experience they’re having, the engagement level, and their prospects for growth. Together, variables in these categories lead to one simple, and rather obvious, conclusion; customers are not equal. This presents challenges, of course. To help provide better guidance around that confounding reality you’d think the metric, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), would be a strategy that marketers might look to employ. Read more

3 Ways Intent Data is Getting Better for B2B Marketers
August 2017 | By Peter Isaacson at Demandbase

Several years ago, “Big Data” became one of the hottest trends in marketing. Everyone had to harness it, use it and somehow profit from it. But quickly, B2B marketers realized that Big Data wasn’t an end in itself, but a means to accomplishing things. Flash forward to 2017: Harnessing the power of massive amounts of data still has a ton of promise, but the actual results just haven’t been there. The truth is, most marketers haven’t been able to capitalize on its promise. In fact, 74 percent of firms say they want to be “data-driven,” but only 29 percent say they’re good at connecting analytics to action, according to research from Forrester. Read more

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies: Key Objectives & Challenges Faced by B2B Marketing Experts
August 2017 | By Chelsea Mize at Synthio, formerly Social123

For B2B marketers, a data-driven marketing strategy is less an option and more a necessity in this day and age. Data should support all your past decisions, inform all of your future decisions, and justify your present actions. So we’ve established that a data-driven marketing strategy is pretty much mandatory at this point. But how to implement a data-driven marketing strategy? Easier said than done, right? Synthio recently teamed up with Ascend2 to delve more deeply into data-driven marketing. Read more

3 Research-Based Insights to Prevent Lead Generation Failure
July 2017 | By David Fortino at Netline Corporation

As a B2B marketer you’re constantly under fire. Between your executive team debating your budget to the sales team demanding BETTER leads and MORE opportunities, it’s like the hunger games out there. Now more than ever, demand generation and content marketers are worried about failing to meet lead-based goals. Lucky for you, I have three new research-based insights to help improve your strategy and ensure that you don’t underdeliver on your lead generation goals to drive pipeline development. After implementing these changes, everyone at your company will be singing your praises versus slashing your budget. Read more

We hope you’ve found this post helpful in providing some direction to your journey. If you have topics that you’d like to see included in our next “What B2B Marketers Want to Know” post, please let us know. As always, if my team at Sojourn Solutions or I can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact us to start a conversation.

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