Empowering Marketing Operations Improves Marketing Performance

September 14, 2021

"It’s not enough to anoint Marketing Operations and watch the results improve. Like any function, there’s enormous variation in maturity and approach, with each step connected to advances in performance and sophistication." - Econsultancy, 2021 Marketing Operations Report

In this webinar, we look both behind and beyond the survey results brought to life in our 2021 Report. “Behind” answering the questions of “Why?” and “How?” certain B2B organizations with MOPS outperformed their peers. And “beyond” answering the question “Now what?” for organizations looking to improve their MOPS model.

Key Findings:

- Marketing Operations helps organizations successfully adapt to new conditions

- Organizations with MOPS outperform their peers in lead generation

- Marketing Operations optimizes the relationship between marketing and technology.

- MOPS organizations are getting results from their data.

- All of marketing is elevated by the Marketing Operations function.

Takeaways? Expert insights on the key findings above, shared customer successes, and tips on how you can empower your Marketing Operations to improve marketing performance.

Sponsored by Adobe and Sojourn Solutions

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