10 Top preference center best practices and how to get started

May 31, 2017 Claire Robinson

Is your email preference center in need of an overhaul? When it comes to email compliance, you want to ensure you are staying ahead of regulation changes. You will also want to ensure that your audience is able to opt-in and opt-out easily.

Here are 10 top tips on where to focus your efforts when planning any updates to your preference center.

  1. Be simple. Allow your users to easily opt-in and opt-out if they wish. For new contacts this may be the first page they see, you want to leave them with a positive user experience, not confuse them.
  2. Be clear and transparent. Explain to your users what they can expect to receive if they opt-in. Provide samples of your white papers or downloads to entice them.
  3. Be consistent. Aim to replicate the look and feel of your website. You want users to know and recognize your brand.
  4. Be timely. If someone unsubscribes, make sure their record is updated in an appropriate timescale. If possible, automate the process.
  5. Deliver what you promise. Don’t allow your users to opt-in to daily communications if it isn’t realistic that you can deliver that much content. Likewise, if a user opts-out, then ensure they are unsubscribed in real time.
  6. Collect as much data as possible. But don’t overwhelm users with lengthy forms. Collect key contact data so that you can follow up with at a later date asking for more data to append.
  7. Create a welcome program. Encourage new users to visit your preference center and allow them to opt-in to as much or as little as they like. Put them in control and they are more likely to engage with your communications.
  8. Re-engage your inactive base. Preference centers are a great way to re-engage inactive contacts. Find out why your current contacts aren’t engaging. Perhaps they are receiving too many communications, or perhaps what they are receiving isn’t tailored enough.
  9. Gather valuable feedback. Your unsubscribes may not want to receive further communications from you, but take this as a positive opportunity to learn why and use this information to prevent more people from opting out.
  10. Utilize engagement. Why not ask active subscribers who are actively engaged with your content if they would like to opt-in to other similar lists and communications?

When getting started on making updates to your preference center, you really only have to remember 3 key factors:

Retain: Keep those valuable active and engaged subscribers. Make it easy for them to update their preferences as much or as little as they would like. Don’t forget them and reward them when they do give you more data or engagement.

Grow: Welcome new users in a timely manner. Allow them to easily opt in and make sure you stick to your promises.

Build: Create brand loyalty. Keep the look and feel of your preference center consistent with your website. Be recognizable. Deliver what you say you will build a positive experience.

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